Our Services

Training, Coaching & Fidelity Support

Staff capacity building means training, supporting and developing your organization’s human potential. To change the way we work and achieve new results requires engagement in on-going coaching, feedback and measurement. We can help put learning into practice through research-based strategies that provide ongoing support, feedback and sustainable learning communities. Services are designed to help organizations develop a learning culture that supports staff skill development and application through tailored individual, group, and virtual collaborative coaching options for practitioners working with children, teens and adults.

Organizational Culture Assessment, Diagnosis & Change

Changing organizational culture might be a crucial, yet highly challenging endeavor when implementing research-informed innovations. Our IDEATE framework for culture change offers a suite of tools and practical guidance on how to identify the necessary ingredients tailored for your own culture change. ACJI consultants can help your organization learn to apply the IDEATE suite of tools to your customized organizational change efforts. We also offer basic classroom training and plenary presentations on organizational change using the IDEATE framework.

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation will lay the groundwork to become a data driven organization at all levels to produce desired outcomes. This requires purposeful attention to process evaluation and fidelity measurement to ensure that great ideas translate into effective practice. Research on the implementation of programs and services has shown that without a focus on implementation of best practices, such as fidelity measures, outcomes may not be achieved as expected and, in some cases a poorly implemented program can even produce harmful results. ACJI utilizes the most current models of implementation science to address this ‘quality chasm’ head on and makes using data as feedback accessible and easy for goal setting, progress measurement, and process improvement for the greatest return on investment.

Implementation Capacity Building & Leadership Support

Have you tried to implement a new innovation without seeing your desired results? Commitment to evidence-based practices is not enough to overcome the challenges of real world systems. In these complex environments, leaders are faced with critical human and systemic challenges that can impede effective implementation. ACJI can provide consultation and technical assistance to build practitioner and organizational capacity through training, coaching and feedback, peer practice groups, assessment, implementation planning, strategic planning, evaluation, business process redesign, employee engagement, management support, leadership development, board development and executive and emotional intelligence coaching. Through our implementation support, we can help develop implementation teams dedicated to purposeful alignment of people, data, culture and fidelity.

Tool Customization, Development & Validation

Every organization needs a roadmap to ensure that they stay on course. Developing tools can help you ensure consistency, manage limited resources, create structure around decisions, connect with other agencies for maximum impact, and evaluate performance. Our experienced staff can develop and evaluate a custom tool for your agency. These services are tailored to your organizational goals and may include:

Fidelity measures and instruments

Data driven decision making models

Process improvement cycles

Action research models

Performance feedback tools