Community and Justice


The Alliance for Community & Justice Innovation is a future focused organization concentrating on the impact of people, culture, leadership and data on the transformational change of individuals, organizations and systems.

Our Story

After years of implementing innovative practices across various systems, we continued to encounter the same organizational cultural, leadership, people and data challenges year after year. During these implementation efforts, well-intended people would spend time, money and resources with little to show for outcomes other than frustrated staff and ineffective policy. As a result, we decided to take some action and began an alliance for community and justice innovation to help systems and people transform the way they work, design better systems, and achieve better results.

Our Services

Our comprehensive, tailored services support your innovation goals and objectives. We offer expert training, coaching, consultation, advanced evaluation methodologies, leadership development and organizational capacity building. Through our implementation support, we can develop innovation teams dedicated to the purposeful alignment of people, data, culture and fidelity.

Our Products

ACJI offers science driven products to maximize the impact of programs and innovations including practice models for case management, assessment instruments, fidelity tools, customized training and leadership development programs.

Trending Topics

ACJI is committed to advancing the field by closing the science to practice feedback loop. We provide a direct link for practitioners and policy makers to the most up to date research as well as sharing the learning from real world implementation and practice with researchers and academics.

Our Scientific Implementation Approach

For decades, research has focused on developing evidence-based practices to produce better outcomes for people. However, in recent years, public policy and granting entities have begun to focus on requirements that criminal justice agencies and community programs adopt and implement them as a matter of law. While many improvements in the quality and adoption of evidence-based interventions have been made, we are discovering that there remains a gap between what programs are intended to do and the outcomes they produce. No matter how strong the science behind the practice, people and communities cannot benefit from the intervention if it is not implemented as intended. ACJI brings expertise to your organization’s implementation efforts to maximize program impact and demonstrate outcomes.

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